Happy Birthday from Smokey! (greeting card)
During the 2022-23 school year, I created some fresh art celebrating the start of Smokey XI's run as the University of Tennessee bluetick coonhound mascot. This series was produced for the UT Office of Communications and Donor Experience for use in greeting cards, social media graphics and email imagery. 
Above is a series of three "Sports Smokey" drawings for baseball, basketball and football. The football one was printed as a big cutout that fans could take their pictures with before the football game. I just a lot of Smokey as a sports star when I worked for the UT athletics program as a sports information direction, but it was really fun to go back to this well with improved drawing skills.
Happy Holidays! (greeting card)
Homecoming celebration (social media graphic)
The first greeting card illustration I drew was for Thanksgiving. The one on the right is the final, polished image, but I also really liked the "advanced sketch" on the left. In some alternate universe out there, Smokey has bonded with a turkey. 
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