CCI Postcard Design
Designing on the Job

I've worn a lot of hats in my daytime work as a communications professional. On any given day, I might write, manage website content, run social media, set up interviews or run press conferences, photograph, and — most importantly for this website — design. 

Most ordinary day-to-day designs involve standard magazines, flyers, or other designs in InDesign and PhotoShop. There are those special occasions, particularly for social media projects, where I get to add some of my own artwork. 

Below is some design work and drawings for the University of Tennessee:
CCI Holiday Card
Happy Birthday! Card
College of Communication & Information

Above is a sample of social media and printable illustrations during my work as information specialist for the College of Communication & Information. Work here includes a postcard, the cover of an annual report, and some items for social media and newsletters. 

The Star Wars-themed illustration was an illustration to accompany a feature story I wrote about alumni John Jackson Miller, who has made a career out of being a Star Wars and Star Trek novelist and comic book writer. 
Sporty Smokey

I drew plenty of Smokey, Tennessee's delightful mascot, while working in the athletic department as an assistant director or media relations. Above are drawings I completed post-2018 as my art style became more retro inspired.  

The Football Smokey style was a result of studying (and enjoying) the many dogs of Hanna-Barbera. The image of Smokey kicking off around the world is a homage to an old 1974 UT game program featuring Smokey kicking off to the UCLA Bruin. 
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