Howliday Inn, the 1982 novel by James Howe, was one of my favorite books growing up. The book was probably one of the first "murder" mystery novels I've ever read, and it featured animals, which was -- and still is -- a huge plus for me. I re-read the book earlier this year and was inspired to do my own take on these characters. 

What's this book all about? Howliday Inn is the second novel in the Bunnicula series and features the return of Harold, the series narrator and loyal (and occasionally cranky) older dog, and Chester, a sarcastic cat who has read perhaps too many Sherlock Holmes books. 

In this adventure, Harold and Chester are sent to a boarding house for a week while their owners go on vacation. A number of other dogs and cats, each with their own histories are also staying Chateau Bow-Wow ("Howliday Inn" as Chester calls it), and soon enough, one of their companions mysteriously disappeared. Is it just a simple escape? Or is fowl play involved?

Below are my takes on the lead characters: Harold and Chester.
Below is the rest of the main cast, which includes: 

* Max, a bulldog caught in a love triangle with Louise and Georgette
* Louise, a French poodle extremely jealous of Georgette
* Georgette, a Southern poodle who's equal parts flirtatious and kind
* Howard and Heather, a wire-haired dachshund couple; might also be werewolves
* Lyle, a cat who lives in a different reality all together
* Taxi, a friend of Max and not particularly bright
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