Cover: ColecoVision
Let's Go Retro

In 2020, I started illustrating episode covers for Retronauts, a long-running podcast about retro video games (defined as any game 10+ years old). As a lifelong gamer and a big fan of the podcast, it has been an exceptionally fun collaboration.
Cover: Miscellaneous Handhelds
Knowing the Details

From an art perspective, working with Retronauts has been an especially fun challenge to combine my old school-inspired style with video games that are old ... but not THAT old.

My most surprising takeaway was how much research the covers have required. I had never seen RoboCop before drawing the episode cover art, so I spent a Saturday evening doing my due diligence and crossing off another classic 80s film. (I was so tickled that RoboCop only ate baby food, so I included that detail in my art.) I learned about anime soccer star Captain Tsubasa, non-Gameboy handhelds, and the full story of ColecoVision, another casualty of the 1983 video games crash.
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